Bridging the World through Horticulture

S9- Evaluation of Cultivars, Rootstocks and Management Systems for Sustainable Production of Deciduous Fruit Crops

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Today different management systems are developed according to the prevailing ecological and socio-economic conditions. The subject of this symposium rather wide and will include many fruit and nut species as well as many disciplines required for systems approaches to address sustainability of deciduous fruit production under changing economic and climatic conditions. The symposium is expected to gather researchers, growers, nurserymen, and commercial horticulturists together to discuss the latest scientific findings to address current and future challenges to sustainable fruit production. The papers may address different aspects of cultivars, rootstocks or systems evaluation including topics such as economics and management, horticultural engineering, yield quality and quantity.

The symposium is expected to gather circa 150 participants from various sectors composed of scientists, professional horticulturists who will contribute through presenting papers and posters. New cultivars, rootstocks and techniques will be introduced, systems will be discussed and solutions on tree architecture, training, pruning, orchard management systems, or fruit production under protection will be shared. Participants who have common research interests can be promoted to establish new networks especially through the active working groups.

Main themes:

  • Breeding, fruit cultivars and rootstocks
  • Orchard management systems
  • Sustainability of deciduous fruit orchards (including socio-economic aspects)
  • Emerging technologies in orchard production systems

Scientific Committee:

  • Marlene Ayala (Catholic Univ., Chile)
  • Daniele Bassi (Univ. of Milano, Italy)
  • Henri Duval (France)
  • Kate Evans (Washington State Univ., USA)
  • Essie Fallahi (Univ. Idaho, USA)
  • Ksenija Gasic (Clemson Univ., USA)
  • Peter Hirst (Purdue Univ., USA)
  • Diego Intrigliolo (CSIC Murcia, Spain)
  • Greg Lang (Michigan State Univ., USA)
  • Riccardo Lo Bianco (Univ. Palermo, Italy)
  • Gerardo Lopez (IRTA, Spain)
  • Elmi Lotze (Stellenbosch Univ., South Africa)
  • Sean MacAntsoir (Agri Food and Biosciences, UK)
  • Maria Angeles Moreno (CSIC, Spain)
  • Stefano Musacchi (Washington State Univ., USA)
  • Amos Naor (Golan Res. Inst., Israel)
  • Okan Ozkaya (Cukurova Univ., Turkey)
  • Sevgi Paydaş (Cukurova Univ., Turkey)
  • Greg Peck (Cornell Univ., USA)
  • Ben Van Hooijdonk (PFR, New Zealand)
  • Jef Vercammen (PC Fruit, Belgium)
  • Keizo Yonemori (Ryukoku Univ., Japan)