Prof. Giuliano Finetto

Date and place of birth 09.07.1948 - Verona (Italy)
Nationality Italian

Doctor Agronomist , University of  Bologna (Italy) 1976
Degree in Agricultural Science and master in micro-propagation, 
University of Padova (Italy) 1974;
Expert in Agriculture (diploma) , Verona  (Italy)1969

Qualification & Professional Affiliation Member of Ordine dei Dottori Agronomi 1976
Member of Societa' Orticola Italiana 1978
Member of Int. Soc. Hort. Science 1988



From 1979 permanent post as Professor at Institute of Agricultural Sciences , Verona, Italy, research, field trials on vegetables and  fruit for increase of productivity  of most common species in North Italy area (cherry, pear, apple, peach, grape and olive) which include plant breeding, nutrition, water requirement, intensification of cultural practices, plant propagation, plant density and mechanisation are carrying out.

As planner of agro-environmental studies of  the territory municipalities (territorial districts) and Regions, and analysis  of natural resources for the costs and benefits estimate of urban infrastructure investments on land use planning, including drawing up agro-eco-environmental studies (VAS = strategic environment evaluation) , Ecology Network and data base gathering to protect the landscape and environment were accomplished. Performing maps through GIS software (Esri, Q-Gis, GRASS)  

Consultanties were performed in several tropical and sub-tropical countries (Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Thailand , Mali, Turkey) under FAO and International Agency (USAID, EC, DFID, AFD) and private farms on  horticultural (temperate fruit trees and vegetables) and annual crops. The tasks were related to :

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