Prof. Maria Luisa Badenes

I am PhD by the University Politecnica de Valencia in Agriculture. I was postdoctoral at the University of California, Davis for two years at Plant Sciences Department. Later I joined the Fruit Breeding Department at the Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias as researcher. Currently I am full professor and Head of the Center of Citriculture and Crop Production at IVIA.

My expertise is focused in Genetics and Breeding of different Fruit species: apricot and peach from the stone fruits section and also minor fruits as loquat and persimmon.

In my research activities, I have been PI of 20 National Grants from The Ministry of Science and Technology of Spain, international bilateral collaborations and coordinator of several work packages from European Grants. Since 2007,  I   teach a course of ‘Breeding of Perennial Tree Crops’ in the Plant Breeding Master Degree program at University Politecnica de Valencia.

I am coauthor of 72 research papers published in journals from the SCI. I edited 4 International books..  I am coauthor of 25 book chapters and 4 technical books. I have participated as coauthor in more than 30 technical articles for growers. I participated in more than 30 different International symposiums and contributed with 150 papers

I participate in the Scientific Committee of 10 International symposium. I organized the National Symposium of Breeding and Genetics in Spain, the International Congress of the European Association of Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA)  and 5 different symposium focused in different fruit tree crops  from the ISHS.

E-mail: badenes_mlu(at)