Prof. Dr. Hamide Gubbuk

Dr. GUBBUK received her PhD. from the Horticultural Sciences at the University of Akdeniz, Turkey in 1999. Hamide GUBBUK is currently full time Professor of the Department of Horticulture at the University of Akdeniz Antalya, Turkey. At her present position at the Akdeniz University, she is engaged in teaching tropical and subtropical fruit growing and breeding courses, conducting research, and supervising MSc. and PhD. students in these areas. Dr. GUBBUK conducts researchs on tropical and subtropical fruit production, mainly on banana, carob, papaya, avocados, pitaya and passiflora cultivation. She published more than 100 research papers in these areas. Dr. GUBBUK was one of the convener of Banana section in 28th International Horticultural Congress (ISHS), Lisbon 2010 and is the convener of Carob Symposium in 2017.

E-mail: gubbuk(at)