Prof. Dr. Hülya Ilbi

Dr. Hulya Ilbi obtained her PhD degree on vegetable breeding and growing and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Campbell Seed in USA and at Murdoch University in Australia. Currently she is a full professor at Horticulture Department of Agricultural Faculty and chair of the master programme on Seed Science and Technology of Ege University (İzmir-Turkey). She lectures on vegetable seed production, molecular markers for breeding, genetic mapping and QTL, project preparation for breeding at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

She completed 15 research projects as a principal investigator on marker assisted selection against pathogen resistance in pepper and tomato in collaboration with the seed sector, genetic mapping for disease resistance in Solanaceae, genetic diversity in melon, artichoke, and narcissus and seed vigour and quality. She supervised PhD and master students. She has 45 publications in SCI journals and presentations in scientific meetings. She is also the vice chair of the ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) Vigour Committee and member of ISHS.

E-mail: hulya.ilbi(at)