Dr. Silke Hemming

Dr. Silke Hemming has studied Horticultural Sciences at the University of Hanover, Germany. She got her phD at the University of Hanover in 1998, completing a thesis with the title ”The effect of photoselective greenhouse covering materials on ornamental plants”. Since 1999 she works at Wageningen University and Research Centre at different institutes in different positions. First as junior researcher at IMAG (1999-2003), as researcher at Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group (2003-2005) and since 2005 at Plant Sciences Group (2005-2011). Since 2007 she is head of the scientific research team Greenhouse Technology within Wageningen UR.

Silke Hemming is an expert on the field of novel greenhouse design concepts and modern greenhouse coverings, worked on several projects related to increasing light transmission, changing light spectrum, the effect of diffuse light, the possibilities of NIR-reflecting coverings and the development of modern coatings for glass coverings. The Wageningen UR LightLab is a unique facility with the most modern measurement equipment for optical properties of greenhouse materials. Silke Hemming was project leader several international research projects on greenhouse systems in different climate zones world-wide, designed greenhouse concepts for tropical lowland areas in Indonesia, sub-tropical climate of Taiwan, sustainable greenhouses for semi-arid climates in Turkey, net covered structures for Mediterranean Areas and several energy saving greenhouse concepts in The Netherlands. Her group has expertise on the field of energy saving, greenhouse climate, modelling, computer vision, robotics for horticultural applications.

E-mail: silke.hemming(at)wur.n