Prof.Dr. Ahmet Korkmaz

Dr. Ahmet Korkmaz got his PhD in Plant Physiology from Clemson University, USA in 2000, completing a thesis with the title "Consequences of short-term cold temperature stresses on watermelon and cantaloupe seedling and field growth, yield and quality”. Since 2002 he has been working at Kahramanmaraş Sutçü Imam University as a faculty member. He is a vegetable/seed physiologist who is in charge of a laboratory that has been focusing on improving horticultural plant’s tolerance to stressful environments. His specific goal is to improve plant’s tolerance to abiotic stresses, specifically but not limited to extreme temperatures, drought and salinity stresses, via using plant growth regulator-like substances. He is a member of Turkish Society of Horticultural Science and International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS).

Email: akorkmaz(at), ahmet.korkmaz(at)