Prof. Dr. Daniel I. Leskovar

Daniel Leskovar is a Professor in Vegetable Physiology and Director of the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at Uvalde. He received his BS from Universidad del Comahue in Argentina, Masterís in Vegetable Crops at the University of California, Davis, and Ph.D. at the University of Florida. He has published +100 peer review papers, was Associate Editor for The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology for 10 years and now serving in the South African Journal of Plant and Soil. He is currently the Chair of the ISHS Section Vegetables, Quality Production Systems, Leafy Green and Non-Root Vegetables, and also Chair of the Working Group Crop Establishment, Seed and Transplant Technology. His research interest is on a) seed-transplant production and physiology to increase plant survival under drought and heat stress, and b) growth promoters, signaling compounds (ABA, 1-MCP, ethylene) and soil amendments to modulate seedling, plant and fruit growth.

E-mail: daniel.leskovar(at)