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S26- Turfgrass Management and Science for Sports Fields: Bridging the needs and research on turfgrass at the age of climate change (4th International Conference)

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Please Click ROSA link for Abstract Submission


Please Click ROSA link for Abstract Submission


The Conference aims to stimulate an integrated multidisciplinary research response to address the problems associated with the turf surfaces under a changing environment, across the full range of sports fields. Hosting the 4th International Conference on Turfgrass Management and Science for Sports Fields, 2018, it is our ambition to bring together a broad range of stakeholders, comprising academics, practitioners, and sport governing bodies to exchange information, share ideas, consolidate current knowledge, discuss and formulate future research needs by disseminating the outcomes. The symposium also aims to provide opportunities for participants to interact and collaborate with other colleagues in the turf profession and leaders in the turf sciences. The theme for the Symposium is "Bridging the Needs for Research on Turfgrass at the Age of Climate Change" encompassing topics that range from innovative applications in the science and management of athletic fields for the benefit of turf industry, turfgrass business and economics to environmental and ecological issues related to managing turfgrass for sports fields at the age of climate change. Academics, researchers, consultants, government officers, graduate students, industry leaders and manager/operators of turfgrass facilities are invited to participate in the sharing of experience and of research-based information within the exciting field of turfgrass management and science for sports fields. With the three days of presentations and visits, our goal is to increase insights and interest in Turfgrass Management and Science.

The Conference is expected to be the forum par excellence for academics, researchers, graduate students, consultants, industry leaders and manager/operators of turfgrass facilities to discuss and share technical and scientific issues related with sports turf science and management. There is an increasing trend concerning turfgrass science and research especially for managing turfgrasses in an environmentally conscious way. The conference is expected to serve and substantiate this worldwide increasing trend through scientific impact of diverse presentations on turfgrass management and science along with the high standards of the organization.

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Main themes:

  • Turfgrass history & personalities
  • Turfgrass genetics, breeding & selection
  • Turfgrass growth & physiology
  • Turfgrass seedbed preparation
  • Turfgrass business and economics
  • Turfgrass plant protection (weeds, insects, diseases) 
  • Sports field design and construction
  • Soil chemistry/physics & root zone construction 
  • Soil nutrition and fertilizers
  • Irrigation/drainage and water quality
  • Sports fields facilities management and maintenance
  • Sports field business management
  • Producing quality sod
  • Environmental and ecological issues

Scientific Committee

  • Scott McElroy Auburn University , USA
  • Simone Magni Universita di Pisa, Italy
  • Susana Milla-Lewis North Carolina State University, USA
  • Wolfgang Praemassing Deula Rheinland Education Center, Germany
  • Douglas Soldat University of Wisconsin , USA
  • Filippo Lulli Turf Europe, Italy
  • Nikolaous Ntoulas Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
  • Marco Volterrani Universita di Pisa, Italy
  • Nedim Mutlu Akdeniz University , Turkey
  • Osman Gulsen Erciyes University, Turkey
  • Osman Karaguzel Akdeniz University , Turkey
  • Metin Tuna Namik Kemal University , Turkey
  • Alpaslan Kusvuran Cankiri Karatekin University, Turkey
  • Robert C.Shearman University of Nebraska (Emeritus) ,USA
  • Terrance P. Riordan University of Nebraska (Emeritus), USA
  • Paul G. Johnson Utah State University , USA
  • Paul Koch University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Mattia Accorsi University of Bologna, Italy
  • Jay McCurdy Mississippi State University, USA
  • Grady Miller North Carolina State University, USA