Bridging the World through Horticulture

S5- Tropical and Subtropical Fruits (7th International Symposium)

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Invited Speakers:

Largely, all tropical and subtropical fruits are produced in the developing countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa. The tropical and subtropical fruit industry is an important sector in many countries in generating income and employment, provides foreign exchange earnings and as an important sources of nutrition and dietary requirement for healthy population. The potential for development of tropical and subtropical fruits depends on continuous improvement on technology for production and postharvest management. The tropical and subtropical fruits have wide array of challenges and opportunities to different stakeholders. In many countries, these fruits are faced with the problems of biotic and abiotic stresses, which need to be addressed in the right earnest. This symposium will provide the platform for participants to engage in a commodity that can contribute to food security, provide nutrition and well being, improve livelihood and alleviate the impact of climate change.

Main themes:

  • Germplasm, diversity and breeding
  • Production technology and physiology
  • Pest and disease management
  • Molecular biology and biotechnology
  • Postharvest and processing technology
  • Economics, marketing and trade
  • Citrus growing & physiology

Scientific Committee

  • Domingo Haroldo Reinhardt (Chair, Working Group on Pineapple Embrapa Cassava and Tropical Fruits, Brazil)
  • Ping Lu (Chair, Working Group on Mango Nakara NT, Australia)
  • Vishal Nath (Chair, Working Group on Lychee, Longan and other Sapindaceae Fruits NRC on Litchi, India)
  • Carlos Antonio Fernandes Santos (Chair, Working Group on Guava and other Myrtaceae Embrapa CAPTSA, Petrolina, Brazil)
  •  Ayzin b.Kuden (Chair, Working Group on Temperate Fruits in the Tropics and Subtropics University of Cukurova, Turkey)
  • Wen-Li Lee (Head, Fengshan Tropical Horticultural Experiment Branch, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan,R.O.C.)
  • Ali R.El-Sherief (Kafrelsheikh University Egypt)
  • Luo Xinping (Institute of Tropical and Subtropical Cash Crops, Yunnan, China)