Bridging the World through Horticulture


The IHC2018 will 'Bridge the World through Horticulture' and will establish a forum for exchange of experiences, knowledge and friendship. Taking this opportunity, we wanted to offer two short trainings for participants who want to enlarge their professional capacity on Organic Management or on Good Agricultural Practices and widen their networks. The lecturers will be given well-known experts coming from academia, NGOs and the private sector. The tentative program may undergo fine tuning based upon the profiles of the participants but will ensure attendance to the IHC2018 scientific sessions. Training programs are free of charge to the International Horticultural Conference participants however the number of participants for each course is limited with 25.

Short Training Course on Organic Agriculture

AIM: To enhance knowledge on organic horticultural crop management

TARGET GROUP: Training of trainers, extensionists and consultants

11-14 August 2018



Day 1 Opening session 20 minutes
  Introduction of the Course and the participants 45 minutes
  Development of Organic Agriculture
What are the factors triggering organic agriculture?
60 minutes
  Organic Practices
Basic principles and methods
120 minutes
  Standards; Inspection and Certification
How does the system work? Basic elements in major standards; Third party certification and Participatory Guarantee Systems
60 minutes
  Labelling and Markets 60 minutes
Day 2 Participation to the Organic Horticulture Symposium session  
  Why site-specific research is required for organic agriculture 60 minutes
Day 3 Participation to the Colloqium  
  Participation to the Organic Horticulture Symposium session  
  Presentations of the participants based upon their preliminary work and discussions on selected case studies 90 minutes
Day 4 Discussion on strategies to develop organic agriculture 75 minutes
  Evaluation of the training by the participants 45 minutes